Gem Fusion

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developer:Gamesare Studios and Publishing
size in Kb:24,414
platform: Windows, Windows XP
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Gem Fusion

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Description:   Prepare your self, You are about toenter the world of Gem Fusion, A World of Puzzle excitement where you must solve the riddle the Fused Gem, By combining 3 gems in a line you clear them away, but if you line five up you fuse them together! These Fused Gems have powers to be unlocked that can affect the board in amazing ways. During gameplay you can unlock exciting extra modes that twist the game around or prehaps you want to battle a friend!One thing is for sure, you have never played a puzzle game like Gem Fusion!Features Include-Over twenty gem types-Four Unlockable Modes-Match 3 or Match 4 Settings-Unlimited Challenge-Hidden Powers through Fused Gems-And Much MoreOrder Now

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